Welcome to the Victorian Era and the Bartlemas Anthology!

What is The Bartlemas Anthology?

Bartlemas Anthology Tableau

Spanning the Victorian Era from 1842 to 1886, The Bartlemas Anthology is a series of novels telling breathtaking stories of love and passion.
As the wild and carefree Georgian period comes to an end in England, a circus horseman and a lady’s maid begin something that becomes the catalyst for an astonishing series of events. From the harsh effects of the burgeoning Industrial Revolution in rural England, to the wild goldfields, the searing deserts and the remote river towns of colonial Australia, one scandalous union is all it takes to set in motion the most extraordinary tales of love and adventure imaginable.

What’s in the Blog?

As with any Historical Fiction or Romance, stories are told in an historical setting. This blog explores the historical themes of each of the five novels, expanding on such issues as the circus in Victorian England, workhouses and industrial schools, the lot of the poor, emigration to the colonies and much, much more.

If you love reading history (regardless of its subgenre) you will enjoy learning more about the world of Edmund Bartlemas and his family and friends.


Please share your thoughts on this subject.

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